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​RM Bilservice

​RM Bilservice, Danderyd, Sweden

RM Bilcenter - Sweden

The workshop serves the most exclusive brands. We take care of your car so that all warranties are preserved and all functions are unaffected by accident damage.

To perform our work requires the best equipment - this is why we at RM have participated in the development of such equipment; for example, we have a large number of storage carts, developed specifically for our workshop by FK Teknik. The carts allow us to safely store removed parts until they are put back on the car.

For many years F.K. Teknik / Design ApS, Denmark have been our
preferred supplier of most of the special equipment that is part of a
modern workshop.

We have learned by experience that products supplied by FK always meet our expectations, which are high. We want to provide excellence in our workshop, which requires the best tools. The service at F.K. is excellent and meets our expectations of a supplier of equipment that is so important to our production process. Our specially trained staff is entitled to be well equipped to deliver the highest quality to our customers. A coating can consist of up to 50 work processes, and with us nothing is left to chance. Painting is a time consuming craft for which F.K. delivers the best tools. www.rmbilservice.se

We thank you for your visits and do look forward to seeing you again in 2020.



Munkevænget 4, 5492 Vissenbjerg 

Phone: +45 64821865

E-mail: mail@fkteknik.com

CVR: 14373896


AAA rated

We are AAA rated for more than 10 years.

We support against cancer

FK Teknik Design ApS has supported the fight against cancer for several years.