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Akzo Nobel​

Since 1980's we have distributed the "hardware" for bodyshops from FKTeknik / Design ApS. The products are not the cheapest on the market - but if we take the German term "Preis wert" and translate it directly, "worth the price", that’s exactly the impression we have gained over the years.

Products from F.K. - The FLEXIBLE product line are and always have been exceptionally well thought out. We and our customers know the FLEXIBLE product line as a complete system which serves to ensure a stable high work rate, the best opportunities to deliver high quality, and good working conditions that make work a pleasure (even on long days and with a heavy workload). We have not yet encountered a task that the products cannot handle. Parts of a product can be transferred to and used on other FK products and the combination possibilities are endless, - therefore, our customers can always count on help for their demanding tasks.


Claus Greis, National Operating Manager, Akzo Nobel Automotive & Aerospace
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AAA rated

We are AAA rated for more than 10 years.

We support against cancer

FK Teknik Design ApS has supported the fight against cancer for several years.